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ASCEM has fundamental knowledge and experience in the field of binders and concrete and its functions in construction. ASCEM can contribute to the further development of more special specifications of precast concrete. Examples of successful innovations are:

     1. Economic and technical optimization of concrete mix, depending on the application (tailored concrete)

     2. Selection and application of alternative raw materials (cement, additives, and fillers)

     3. Optimization of production processes

     4. Development of special concrete types

In concrete market there is growing demand for better sustainability of conrete and product with less environmental impact from the production. As materials experts, ASCEM supplements the knowledge and experience in the concrete industry.

For many building materials, binder is one of the most important components. The quality of the binder determines the properties of concrete, such as strength, sustainability and durability. Cement is the most applied binder in concrete. Portland cement and Blast furnace slag cement are the most used binders. Although the use of cement has a long history and a lot of research has been done, there are still important reasons for further development. The production of Portland cement is responsible for 5% of total worldwide man-made CO2 emission every year. The trend is that in the future it will still increase. The other reason for further development is the use of alternative raw materials, to meet updated and higher criteria, such as better sustainability and longer durability. Inorganic binders, where cement technology belongs to, is the knowledge field of ASCEM. As an independent institute, ASCEM is ready for answering questions and tackling challenges in this field.

In the production of most building materials, a high temperature process is needed. Examples are glass, ceramic (brick) and stone wool, and cement as well. In particular for the transfer of secondary raw materials into useful products, these processes with temperatures of up to 1600 degree C are suitable in an excellent way. In this field, ASCEM has a lot of experience, such as development and tests of new building materials, including the process technology. Other aspects of the development process are market research, raw materials selection, tests of product and production at lab-scale, economic feasibility studies and designing and engineering of production facilities.

ASCEM provides consultancy for production and applicaiton of cement and concrete.
For clients of ASCEM cement technology, ASCEM offers:
i - A complete knowhow package for a production plant of ASCEM cement
ii - feasibility study
iii - Assistance in construction or erection
iv - Starting up the factory
v - Product development of ASCEM cement and concrete